Sunday, March 29, 2015

Perfect day

Today has been a perfect day!
We roasted two goats and as Isa said, had a feast!

This morning, Gregorio, Jose Luis and Luis slaughtered and prepared the goats.
Isaac led the first goat up and started whispering, as he held on to the leg, "Hide the knives!  Hide the knives!"

All the kids came out to watch the slaughter. It didn't phase them at all. They were too excited about the meat. 

It did phase some of the Americans and Germans. :)

They skinned it and taught Isa on the second goat (the other kids were sent to church). 

They laid out the skins to dry. 

After church, the guys hinted around about cooking the livers. 

I made fried goat liver and onions. It was delicious!  (Bad picture)

Then the fun began. We all gathered around the grill. Sang songs, visited, laughed. 

The weather was even cool enough for some to wear jeans and a sweat shirt!  Not me. 

It was really a great time together!

We don't waste anything here. One American man asked me where we got giant mushrooms. "Those are um, mountain oysters."  "What are those?"  "Ummm"

Then the food was ready!  And a feast it was!  

The kids were allowed to fix their own plate and eat to their hearts content!  They were so happy!

There was very little left in the end. Some legs and some rice. But that will be eaten tomorrow. 

It was a GREAT day!  


We now have a playground for the children at the Village of Eden.  This Saturday was the first Esangalo  with the playground.  Imagine 700 kids playing at the same time - it was wonderful!

Drums and xylophne

Some kids were a little nervous on the slides

These kids were not quite brave enough to brave the crowds behind them.

Riding elephants in Africa!

Have you ever seen a line for swings!

The line for the slide!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Esangalo!

Esangalo celebrated 2 years on Saturday!

2 years of children hearing the Word of God

2 years of children receiving minor wound care

2 years of children having a safe, loving place to go on Saturdays

2 years of children being fed