Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, Freedom to Worship and Boot Blow-outs

I hope that everyone had a great Easter.  Down here, we had a great one.  One of the local churches had a conference “El Cordero de Dios” ( the Lamb of God).  I was very good.  I attended it on Saturday and the speaker, Raul Fererro spoke about how Christ fulfilled 3 of the Jewish fiestas, the Offering of the First Fruits, the Sign of Jonah and raising the temple in 3 days.  It was very encouraging and interesting.  As I sat there in a room of about 300 people and was overwhelmed by the great freedom God has given us here to worship Him.  I am so thankful for the freedom to worship God.
The political unrest has settled down, we have not had any blockades for several days, so that is good.  Pray that we can continue peacefully.
In other news, last Sunday I went for a hike up the mountain. I got half-way up and realized I had literally walked out of my boot – well, actually, the soles of both boots just fell off!  They were some old ones mom gave me because she didn’t wear them anymore and mine are very worn out.  I was thankful for saving me some money and brought them down here.  Sunday was the first time I had worn them.  By the time I got back down the mountain, I had rocks in my toes and there was nothing left of the rubber soles.  You can see by the picture how they blew out.  Guess that means I have to buy some new boots after all when I get to Georgia.
Boot Blow-out!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Children’s Day and Riots. All in a day’s work. . .

Arani, where 2,400 children heard the Gospel

Children's Day Celebration at Aguila Academy

Tuesday, April 12 was el Día del Niño, or Children’s Day.  It was a packed day!  First, the CED group from Word of Life went to a local village, about one hour away, Arani and  had a program for the school children there.  There were 2,400 kids!!  The team had lots of crazy games for them and activities, but most importantly, they presented the Gospel.  In the end, about 330 students received Christ!!! 
Also, back home, at the property, we had a special activity for the students at Aguila Academy.  We had ice cream, played relay races  and ate lots of food.  The kids loved it!
I am getting  better, my hand is improving, I am wearing a wrap now, instead of a complete brace, although it still bothers me a bit.  The my house is still an island, only accessible by boat or boots. 
We are having lots of political problems here in this communist nation.  The Union workers – the teachers, doctors, miners, etc. are protesting because they want a raise.  The president won’t even recognize them, he is playing soccer instead!   So, the people are quite angry.  We are in town today, Saturday, but we are going to stay on the property tomorrow – stay out of town.   The people say that if they cannot come to an agreement today, it is going to get really ugly tomorrow.  Riot squads, tear gas, etc.  These blockades affect everyone here – we are stuck on the property, without access to the city (food, etc) and the people in the city are basically paralyzed.  Please pray that things will be resolved and will not result in loss of life.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It was bound to happen! (or, The Bionic Woman)

Beginning of the CED year

Bionic Woman

Crossing the water with Oso
                I am writing this blog with my left hand, pecking the letters out.  The inevitable finally happened; I fell in the water.  I was crossing with Oso in tow and tripped over a submersed rock.  Dumped the dog head first in the water and caught myself on the rock with my right hand.  Luckily it was not broken, but it is VERY sore and the doctor has told me I have to keep it immobilized for a week ( it is in a brace that inhibits any movement from the elbow down).  A WEEK WITHOUT MY RIGHT HAND!  I am surviving though, things are just a lot slower, like typing this blog.
In other news, there are 47 Evangelism and Discipleship students this year for Word of Life.  They arrived on Monday.  They had a bon fire on Wednesday to commence the year.  Pray for these  students as they begin this great change in their lives, that God will work  and change their lives forever.
Aguila Christian school is going strong; an no more furry, creepy, crawly visitors.