Saturday, March 30, 2013

River Dolphins, Flamingos, Jaguar tracks and Monkeys, Oh My!

I just returned from a river trip down the Secure River.  The purpose of the trip was to share the Gospel with some of the river villages and hand out radios to each family.  We visited four villages:  Areruta, La Curva, Santa Ana & Santo Domingo.
Our Super Canoe - the African Queen - we sat pretty low in the water but Tito, Ino and God never let us tip!

The radios are a way of putting the Gospel in the hands of the people.  Tony Murrin has started a radio station that broadcasts the Gospel in the 4 tribal languages of the area.   The radio station has just now started going good so we needed to get the word out and get radios in the hands of the people.  This is a great way for the people to have access to the Gospel; especially since most of them are illiterate.
Radios to be given out to the people on the river

The radio station in San Lorenzo

Tony in the control room

We would arrive in a village, ask the Coordinador (village leader)  for permission to have a village wide meeting.  He would grant permission and all the people would start coming to the main meeting house.  We would then share the Gospel in their language; depending on the village.  Then we would first present a radio to the Coordinador and then to each man in the village.  We would say our goodbyes, load up again in the canoe and start down river.

Giving out radios in La Curva
Man from La Curva holding his radio

Tito and Inocensio were indispensable on they trip.  They drove the canoe and translated the Gospel into the two main languages of the people of those villages (Chimane and YuraCare).Tony, a missionary pilot, was in charge of the trip.  He coordinated everything and flew us into the jungle.  A team of 8 came from Macon, Georgia.  Julie (Tony's Daughter) and I went along to help with translation.

Ino, Tony & Tito having breakfast on the beach where we camped one night
Tony is looking for people to begin supporting Ino, Tito and their families.
If you are interested, contact me.

Julie and me - Yeah, I know I look rough!

It was a great trip.  We really saw God's hand of protection on us the entire time, even providing 
cooler weather for the all day boat rides.  On the first morning, we got up at 4:00 A.M. to be on the river by 5:45 because of the distance we had to cover on the river.   The first 20 minutes or so were in complete darkness - I have to say it made me nervous, but God protected us and then we were greeted with a oh, so comforting sunrise - it was not the most beautiful one I have ever seen, but it was the most welcome one. . . 

Sunrise on the river - so wonderful

Sunset in Areruta