Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bolivia: Baby Washing

We went to the plaza today for the baby washing. A ministry washes the homeless children every Saturday. 

The children are always excited to get their one bath a week. 
Once they get older, they just wash their hair. 
Our team helped wash and then braid hair. 

Wilzon drove for us. This is him and Caleb. I enjoyed talking with Carola, my friend, his wife. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Out on the town

The Had the privilege of taking Alice, Joyce, Doreen, Arafat, Boo and Baby Brenda out to dinner last night.
They loved it. It was a special night for all of us. 
It was only those because all the others have gone to visit family over term break. 
There are some perks to having to stay at the VOE!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Flooded with water and frogs!

This is Eden Pond.  Eden Pond has been growing for several weeks now, actually since the rainy season started.  It is in front of the school building.  

If you check the master plan of the VOE, you will not see Eden Pond.  It is not part of the plan.

The children enjoy playing in Eden Pond.  

Eden Pond turns into Namuwombi Creek.  Namuwombi Creek runs towards the back of the property. I attempted to walk it, but it was above my knees!

This is the point that you lose sight of  Namuwombi Creek, it goes around a bend towards the back of the property.  Namuwombi Creek is not on the master plan either.

This is our road going to the  goat house.  I think we need better street drainage. . . 

Eden Pond and Namuwombi Creek are a breeding ground for frogs!

I stood and counted 24 pairs of frogs in one small area.  They are mating and leaving eggs everywhere!

Frog eggs are all over the place!

As I was taking pictures, I noticed that Simba was running around "hunting" in the water.

At first I thought he was drinking the water, but then I realized he was grabbing grass.

Then I realized he was catching frog eggs!

Look at this string of frog eggs!

He would take them on shore and leave them.  He didn't eat them, just left them there to dry.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Up at 2 AM!

Today Robin and I took three kids to a hospital. 
The trick is that it was 6 hours away and we had to be there at 8:00 in the morning. 
I woke up at 2:00 and prepared strong coffee for me and Sezi, the driver. 
Sezi, the kids and one of their parents each slept at the village last night.
Amazingly, we left 13 minutes early. 

My job was to sit in the front and keep Sezi awake. This is difficult with someone who generally says about 2 words an hour. 

We talked about the dead dogs we saw on the road, monkeys, bi-racial marriages, goats, white ants, his family, Bolivia, the jungle, monkeys again, and reading classes. 

It worked!  We made it to the hospital in 3 1/2 hours. (Amazing how fast you can arrive when there is no traffic or police!)

We went to an all night gas station to get breakfast. It was the only thing open at 6:00. 
Isaac and Dennis thought it was great. 

Edrine didn't mind either. Robin and I were wishing for a Starbucks or Dunkin donuts. But, when in Africa, eat your cinnamon roll that has strawberry jelly in the middle and be happy!

One of the parents went to the "wash room". We waited, and waited, and waited. 
 Finally, I saw one of the cashiers trying to open the door. I said, "I think someone is in there. "

Both cashiers said, "Yes, we know. He has locked himself  in. "


They called a few people, I am sure waking them up, until they found out where the key was hidden. They let the guy out and we went on our way. 

We arrived at 7:00 at the gate. There were already about 20 ahead of us. It is first come, first serve. 

While waiting, we heard a loud crash. A motorcycle taxi driver had been hit. He was lying too still in the road. His bike was farther up the road under the grill of an SUV. 

After a bit, the driver started moving. His helmet had been knocked off and was farther down the road. He was bleeding badly from his face. 

I was proud of Sezi. He was one of the first ones out there. Getting the guy out of the road and into a pickup truck. (Robin and I didn't go because we have heard that if the person dies, as whites we can be arrested. Even if we were just trying to help. )

The white guy in the pucture was driving the SUV. Not part of our group. 

Back to the hospital. 

We waited 4 hours to see the nurse. 

It was pretty sad seeing all the sick children. Many had physical deformities. This hospital specializes in cleft palates, bone deformities, burns and bone infections. It was overwhelming to see so many children like that. Waiting so long, you make eye contact and remember they are children- like all children and just want to play and be loved. 

After a while, all three then saw the doctor, had x-Rays, a few labs. 

We waited some more. In the end, Edrine and Isaac are both scheduled for surgery on Monday, the 11 of May. Dennis is just going to be monitored. 

Still waiting. All in all, it was 6 hours of waiting and about 20 minutes with the doctor. 

Finally, we left. Robin wanted to buy them a nice lunch. So, we went to Java Cafe. 

The kids were so cute when their huge plate of food came out. 

Denis liked drinking his coca-cola out of a glass more than the food!  

We are currently en route back to the village, it is 5:48 PM. Thst is almost 16 hours so far that I have been awake and we still can't rest. 
As always, it is an adventure in Africa!  

Friday, May 1, 2015

God's Beauty

After doing ministry at the church in Lake Victoria, we drove down to the shoreline to take pictures.  So beautiful!


L-R:  Luis, Alloys, Stefan, Galya, Jose Luis

Robin and Arafat

Robin and Jessica

Coming back from fishing

Jessica and Brianna

Cors and Galya

Fresh fish for dinner - they tie them onto the grill of the car!

Casting the net. . . 

The "road"