Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Announcement to Move to Uganda

This was published on the Helping Hands website.  I thought I would share it with you guys.

Jessica Matthews, who will celebrate her 9th  anniversary with Helping Hands Foreign Missions, this June, is making a big move.  She has answered God's call to move to Uganda to establish the school at the Village of Eden.

Eight and a half years ago Jessica made a similar "life changing" decisions, when she left her teaching career and moved to Bolivia to work with HHFM.  Her time in Bolivia has been very effective.  She started the Aguila Christ School 6 years ago and invested herself into the lives of teachers and administrators to the point that she is no longer required to be in Bolivia for the school to run efficiently.  She also served as the In-country Team Coordinator for visiting mission teams to Bolivia.  In addition to all of this, Jessica has been an integral part in developing our Bolivian Jungle Ministry  She is planning to continue working int he Jungle Ministry and is going forward with Plans to build a house in the village of Oromomo.  Jessica was Helping Hands' representative in Bolivia as the ministry began focusing most of their resources and personnel toward Uganda for the start-up of the Village of Eden.  Her efforts made it possible for Helping Hands to maintain the great partnership we enjoy with Word of  Life in Bolivia.

Although her primary focus will be on the school at the Village of Eden, Jessica will be helping with the day to day work involved in developing and running child care, farm, and medical clinic; all of which will be on site at the Village of Eden.

When asked about her move from Bolivia to Uganda, she said, "It is hard to leave my Bolivian family and ministry there, but I am excited about the new challenges God is calling me to in Uganda!  I can't wait to see what He has in store for me!"

Both of these were taken on the bank of the Secure River in Oromomo!  Look at the difference.  In the first one, alone, not knowing anyone, actually uncomfortable being there.  Second one, surrounded by friends, some of which have lived with me.  I am very comfortable being there and actually loving every minute!