Thursday, February 19, 2015

Treatments and distractions

Margaret has had enough treatments to know when they are going to change her cannula. 
Last night she was getting more and more nervous. So, we took pictures to distract her. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Long but great.

Yesterday, Sunday was an exciting day.  
It started at 5:30, getting Margaret up and to the hospital for treatment. 

Afterwards we came back and slept for a while. Then we caught a taxi and went to Watoto church. It is a huge Pentecostal church here in Uganda. They have 7 or 8 locations and multiple services. Margaret and the grandmother had never seen anything like it before!

At one point, Margaret was trying to clap but she was so overwhelmed by everything that she was doing one of those golf claps with her mouth hanging open as she gawked at everyone. 

The grandmother was singing, dancing and having a great time. 

We went home afterwards, Margaret was pretty tired. 

Another treatment at 2:00.  It was raining, so Galya wrapped Margaret in a blanket. She was happy and laughing until they had to change her canulla twice in one treatment. 

That afternoon, after  treatment and another nap- we went walking. We found another church but the grandmother said they were drunk so she wouldn't go inside. (It was pretty loud and crazy)

We sat outside the hotel to get fresh air and took some photos. 

Later, Galya and I walked the mile to the grocery store to buy water, food, etcetera. 

The power had been off all day. So, that night we had a candlelight dinner and all shared one fried chicken breast and fries- laughing as we all pulled off pieces of the meat. 

Then, again with a treatment. Finally, at 11:30, we went to bed. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Painting again.

The maid saw Galya, Margaret and the grandmother painting.  She got very excited and wanted to learn too!

So, today she came and painted!  She was very happy! 

We are getting to know these folks around here!  

Valentine's Day

Galya gave me flowers for Valentines Day for our friendship. 

I decided to share the beauty and divided them between all three rooms.  But, I only had empty water bottles to use as vases. So, I cut off the top, filled them with water and then used a grocery bag to tie them to the window.  

Thank you my friend.  


Galya brought some things for Margaret to do in the hotel. 

She and the grandmother BOTH really enjoy painting!  They also enjoy eating apples. It makes me so happy to see her smiling again. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Locked out

We were finished with treatment by 6:30 this morning. But we had to sit outside for over 30 minutes. The hotel manager locked us out!  

In the back of my mind that Martina McBride song keeps playing as I bang on the gate:
"I know you can hear me!  But I'm not sure you're listenin!"

We do this too

Galya and I are trying to make the most of things here- living in a hotel. 

The maid loves it!

I bought my own broom and mopping rag so I can  clean my floor each day. I borrowed the maid's the first day and she just laughed and laughed!

Galya has taken it one step further and decided to wash her curtains!  They were pretty bad!

Who knows was what we will do next!


I am going hunting. 

The hospital is out of Margaret's medicine. The nurse told me to buy more for her 2:00 dose. 

So, I am going hunting. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Margaret is a trouper. But she starts getting more and more nervous the longer the nurses make her wait for a treatment. 

So today we dustracted her with funny pictures. 

She finally got into it, but reluctantly. 

I think she knew what was coming. 

This is what we do

We are walking each day with Margaret to get her strength up. 

Then, we sit and drink a soda as we watch the cars go by. 

My entire focus has shifted. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I just ate a typical Ugandan food: rolex. 

No, not the watch. 

It is an egg with onion and tomato scrambled over a charcoal stove, then wrapped in a chapati. Chapati is like a thick tortilla. 

I liked it. I will probably eat it again. 

Lunch in sweat house

We ate lunch at a local place owned by a well spoken lady named Florence. Last night I got some take away from her and she asked, "Why are you not married?  You have a good figure."

I think, "No one has ever said that."

Then she went on, "You are not too skinny like so many mzungus I see."

There it is. 

Anyway, they liked dinner last night so we went back for lunch. 

We sat at a table under some shade. Topista ordered rice and beef for the two of them. Florence talked a while in some other language and then Topista and Margaret got up and went inside. I got up and found them on a mat. (Visions of having the family from the Bolivia jungle stay in my house came flooding back)

I ordered matoke, pumpkin and G-nut sauce. 

I realized very quickly I was pouring sweat. Looking around, I saw that we were inside a METAL 10x12 building and it was about 100 degrees in there. 

Somehow I seemed to be the only one sweating. 

I ate my lunch which was very good and then sat, quietly sweating and waited for the others to finish. Oh the relief when we walked out of that sweat house!

Simple things

I forget sometimes how privileged I am. I take for granted many things. 
The past three times we have left the hotel, Margaret would cry when we got to the stairs. 
At first I thought she didn't want to walk, so I carried her. But then she would walk outside. 

I finally figured out she is afraid of the stairs!

As I thought about it, there are no stairs in her village and at the VOE we only have the few in front of the church, nothing like the double flight here. 

I finally forced her to walk down them, holding her hand and soothing her. She descended like a toddler would, just learning to walk. 

We also took the elevator a few times at the hospital. She and her mother would gasp each time the door closed and hold their breath til it opened again. 😃

The Big City

This is Margaret and her mother's first time to the capital city. Topista, the mother has been wanting to get out and see the city since we arrived. 

Today for the first time we took a walk around the block. 

Then we sat on a step and drank a soda. 

Margaret and Topista were amazed at all the cars, people and mororcycles that went by. I got a good laugh too because many of the boda drivers (motorcycle taxis) would almost wreck trying to get a good look at the three of us. I would stare them down as they passed to see how long they would look backwards as they drove past!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two weeks to go

I have been in Kampala for five nights now at the International Hospital with one of our residents, Margaret.  
She has an infection that requires IV antibiotics. They released her yesterday but she has to remain nearby to receive treatments three times a day for the next two weeks.  

So, I have set up my hotel room for feeding her three times a day, keeping her room clean and doing regular chores like laundry, emails, etc. trying to make the most of it. 

My pantry, counter and kitchen table. 

Kitchen and bathroom sink

Office and bed. 

Yeah, I know, nice right!?!