Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lake Victoria

We spent the day at Pastor Nicolas' church.  We held a medical clinic and backyard Bible school for the children.

These 10 children were waiting for us, obviously more came!

Our team - praying and singing before starting

More are coming

Game Time!  The kids loved the games.

I love his smile!

Robin spent the morning loving on a baby.

She was too shy to join the games.

The church is on a local water path, so people were passing by going to and from their gardens and the water.

Naomi, from the Netherlands, also enjoyed loving on the children

Still coming

Claudia and Edith shared the Gospel

Cors and Aloyis did medical care

Robin told the Bible story for the kids - John 3:16

Monday, April 27, 2015


Claudia started alone, painting, relaxing, enjoying the quiet Sunday afternoon.  When she finished, she had 15 children surrounding her!  She was very sweet and taught each one as they came to the table how to paint.  Drawing a design, teaching them how to wash the brush out and change colors.
Eventually, she gave up her own seat for a late comer.
L-R:  Kismat, Ivan, James, Samuel

L-R:  Samuel, Claudia, Josephine, Margaret

L-R:  Josephine, Margaret, Janet



Sunday, April 26, 2015

Welcome to our worship service!

I want to welcome you to The Village of Eden church.  Let me show you around.

 This is Galya, she runs the Audio/Visual department.  Everything goes great until our generator runs out of fuel. . . 

Isaac and Arafat lead the worship service. Isaac speaks in English and Arafat in Samia.  Sometimes, they switch up in the middle of the sentence!  They are both growing into great men of God.

The children are eager to learn God's word.

These boys are excited to borrow Robin's Bible to hear the Bible passage Isaac is sharing.

Boo struggles to stay focused.  Today he is more interested in this flower, 

Our praise band is doing a great job with worship today.

Beatrace is the song leader.

This is our VOE Children's choir. The practice each Saturday for their performance on Sundays.

The drummers keep the songs moving fast.

Robin is in charge of teaching a Bible verse.  Looks like she has a game planned today.

Anya is racing Stefan to unscramble the Bible verse.

Stefan won by 10 seconds!

Let's all say it together:  "Trust in the Lord completely and do not depend on your own knowledge.  Proverbs 5:3"

The youth are really desiring the Word.

This is our VOE youth choir.

We sent the adults out.  The children remain for the Bible story.

We are studying Esther.  I am acting out the part where Mordicai is fasting and praying for the deliverance of the Jews.

Arafat does a great job translating.

The children really listen to the story.  I wish I could say it was my teaching, but I believe it is God working in their hearts and minds.

After the story, we divide into small groups to review the story and ask questions.

This is the adult class.  We have a guest speaker from the Netherlands today.

Our residents are the small group teachers. They are doing a great job with the kids.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Please come again, maybe in person next time. . . 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Soccer Camp - Love and Hope

We had a soccer camp for the neighborhood boys back at the end of March.    Our main goal was to give hope by sharing the Gospel and show love to the children.

Enjoy the photos:

Galya and Joyce helped divide the boys into teams.

Jose Luis was the ref.  Here he is warming up the first two teams.

Such hard workers

The boys took the games very seriously.
Claudia was the cheerleader.

Kim was the line judge


We did skills training for the 2 teams waiting to play

Leslie helped with foot work

Claudia is showing them how to do it right

3 out of 4 games had penalty kicks at the end - VERY INTENSE

Simba was the yellow team mascott

Joyce giving water after the games
Hearing the  Gospel!