Monday, July 30, 2012

July Overview

July 1 – 9 – Jungle Village of Ushbe

We flew into Ushbe on Monday and were greeted by disfigured faces and pock marked skin.  The entire village had Chicken Pox!!  They were very worried because they did not know what it was or how to treat it.  To make things worse, they had scratched the sores and created terrible infections.  One man was actually at risk of losing his leg from the infection!  We were able to treat them and show them how to bathe better to cut the infection.  We also presented the Bible Stories in their language about 20 times.  They loved it.  I can really see the level of trust increasing between us and them.  They are more open to the Gospel and to hearing about God.

Nasty Leg!!!  His skin just fell off. Eventually, we got it started healing with antibiotics and daily cleanings.

It was pouring rain and cold.  I had on almost all the clothes I had brought!!  You can't see  them, but my feet are wrapped in plastic bags down in my boots.  The puddles were so high the water went down inside my boots and then the boots wouldn't dry!

Mary Kate taking care of a burn.

That's right folks, this is a baby anteater!!
Adam holding a baby covered with Chicken Pox.  We had to bathe him and then treat the sores with Triple Antibiotic Ointment.

A boy and his dog. . . wait, no, pig!!!

July 10 – 15   - Salt Flats of Uyuni

We arrived from the jungle after a 2 day rain delay and left the next to go on a short get-away (I was only in my house for 11 hours!!).  We went to Uyuni to see the largest salt flat in the world.  Exciting right!!  Actually, the volcanoes and beautiful mountains, some 19,000 feet high covered in snow was pretty spectacular.  Also, a lake full flamingos was impressive.
Flamingos flying over the Lago Colorado

Nope, not snow, salt!

Yes, this is one of those famous perspective pictures everyone does.

This seemed otherworldly to me

The lake really is this color - Red!
This one is for my nephews!  Llama, llama red pajama!!

July 16 – 22 – Teaching, Bible Classes, Foundation work

I tried to get back into the normal routine this week, but I had to finish a lot of work for my Bible classes and we are in still trying to become a foundation here in Bolivia.  So, I visited the lawyer 4 times this week!

July 23 – 31 – Belmont and Mountain Creek Team

We have a team of 7 here.  We have been going around doing weight exhibitions.  Tim Moon is a 5 time world champion weight lifter (his record is 705 pounds).  We have gone all over the city doing presentations and Tim talks about how God has made him strong and how to avoid peer-pressure from others.
Lifting at Tiraque orphanage

Obviously, the boys loved the attention and show

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don't Rob My House While I Am Away!!!

They say you should never post on the internet when you are on vacation or gone for work related business, lets the thieves know you are not home.  Well, since most of you live on another continent, I am not worried.  (And I think only a few of you are thieves. . . )

Myself, MaryKate, Adam, Claudia and Wilzon will be in the jungle this coming week.  We are going to the village of Ushwe.  We will be sharing Bible stories and Audio Bible as well as doing minor medical work.

Please pray for our safety and that the Word will continue to work in the hearts of these villagers.