Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Catching Up

Wow!  I was doing so good at posting to this blog – almost every day! Then . . . a month went by!
So, here is an overview of the past 30 days (give or take a few). (These are in no particular order)

I turned 37!  Yes, I know, happy late birthday! It was a great day, I worked all day!  But, Claudia made me a great breakfast and everyone expressed their love.  I am happy and thankful to be alive.

We had one an Esangalo Children’s Choir concert here for the parents and community.  Then they went to America.  (You should try to see them in concert, they are still touring.)


School started on February 22.  We have over 100 students this year!  Things are going well.  We had some training before school for the teachers.

I started working on a 2,000 piece puzzle . . . first I figured out my table was too small.  Then I figured out it was going to take up both tables pushed together.  Then I realized I didn’t have a table to eat at.  I put the puzzle away after 2 weeks.

Shane Headings came as a volunteer.  He has been working constantly making repairs and building furniture for us.  He is using the plywood and 2x4’s that came in the shipping container to build shelves, crutches, pallets, desks, tables, exam tables, more shelves, more. . .   It is great!


I went to visit a housemother who was sick and on my way home spotted Juliet!  She was a girl we were working with at the VOE 2 years ago.  I almost hit a man on a bike I was so excited!  I just stopped in the middle of the road!

I have begun having housemother training classes/meetings each Tuesday.  It is a great time where I allow the housemothers to talk and work out struggles they are having with their residents.  They come to a solution on how to handle it and then they implement it.  It really seems to be making a difference – both for the housemothers and the children. (no picture)

It is the hot, dry season.  Enough said.

Claudia and I went rode our bikes to visit Juliet. We want to start working with and spending time with this family. They are in such need.

We have moved and expanded our Bulk Storage.  It actually looks like a grocery store now! Edith is doing a great job managing it.

I helped to give out mosquito nets to some children that are in the Healthy Communities program – Mother-Baby division. This is a program for malnourished children and their mothers. They come each week to receive training on health, nutrition, and safety. They also receive beans, maize flour and eggs each week to improve their nutrition.  We gave out nets to also help prevent malaria.

I have also been working on the more mundane, but necessary work of the ministry; such as:  accounting, employee contracts, training, meetings, supervising my staff, etc.  But there are no pictures of that – not very exciting!  Well, except for the meeting where Willy brought Brenda and I pizza and coke!


Those are all the big events that have happened.  I have been enjoying the sunrises and sunsets a lot lately. They are still breathtaking! 

Hope this gets you somewhat caught up!  Hopefully it will not be another month until the next post.