Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First time in a hair salon, Antlers and School Schedules

Dilma had her first trip to a hair salon on Monday!  She had been asking me to get someone to cut it for a while and I couldn't find anyone.  Finally, it dawned on me to just take her to town and get it cut.  She was very nervous and was looking at everything the whole time.  Also, when the stylist turned on the hair-dryer, Dilma jumped, the noise scared her and about 3 hours later, she finally asked me "What was that machine that made so much noise?"  She didn't know it was drying her hair!

Lizbeth got to wear some reindeer antlers at a missionary house, she loved them, even though she doesn't know what they are.  All three girls loved the Christmas tree, singing caroling dolls and the lights - I guess I need to decorate my house. . .

Finally, so you don't think I JUST entertain live-in guests, here is a photo of the second draft of Aguila Christian Academy's 2012 class schedule.  It looks complicate and it is -- but not as bad as last year . . . so far.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bottle races and Knitting

The girls love to push my 5 gallon water bottles around the floor.  As soon as they walk in the door, they run andd get them and the race begins!  I got the bright idea to put a towel underneath them, so now as they push, they clean the floor!!  Here they are racing. (Don't let the coats confuse you, it was about 65 degrees when I took this photo. . . )

Also, yesterday, I taught Dilma, the mother, how to knit using straight needles.  She love it.  At first, she couldn't get her fingers to bend the right way, but now she has got the hang of it.  She has learned to cast-on and do the knit stich.  She is currently working on a GIANT dish cloth right now, so when she gets it the size she wants, I will teach her to bind-off.  So far, she really enjoys it.

I think we should have a Top Chef Jungle edition!  I would definitly win.  Have the show in the jungle and let the villagers be the judges.  I have made some awesome dishes according to jungle standards.    For example, the other night I made pureed chicken livers with potatos and pasta - they loved it, said it tasted like monkey.  Then, last night, I made fish and rice soup - just fish and rice boiled together.  They loved it too and even ate the left-overs for breakfast this morning!  I really think I would win the Jungle edition!