Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mother's Day, Teacher Day, Camping & Military!

It has been an exciting month!  First let me apologize for  not updating you all before, my internet is not working and so I am back to traveling to the city to do internet work. . . oh well.
In my absence from the internet world, we have celebrated Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day, had our Annual Águila Camp-out and we presented “Renacidos”  in a Sergeants Military School!
Mother’s Day – Our school hosted a party for all the mothers here – our students, even the 4 year olds said poems in both English and Spanish.  (I must say that the 2nd grade Brink son did better on his Spanish poem than the native Spanish speakers!!)  We even had a debut performance from a 5th grader who is learning to play the guitar!

We also had our Annual Águila School Camp-out.  For many of our new students, this was the first time they have ever been camping!  We roasted hotdogs (there were 20 of us and we ate 50 hot dogs!) and ‘smores (another first for many).  We had a scavenger hunt and the next morning we had a devotional.  It was great.  Especially as the boys would run in the dark and try to scare the girls – the screams and laughter was great!

We also had the opportunity to present Renacidos (Born Again) in a Sergeant School that is on the other side of the lake from the property.  Several hundred soldiers heard the Gospel!  Pray that we will continue to be able to work with this facility in counseling and witnessing.

Finally, the mothers had a party for the teachers in celebration of Teacher’s Day.  The students put on a skit and then we had some great refreshments.  It was good to hear that they appreciate the work we do with their children.

Prayer Requests:
Word of Life is hosting a Banquet to benefit the Village of Eden Uganda project.  This banquet will be on June 18.  Pray that the people in attendance will be responsive to the message of salvation.  Pray also they might get involved in the Village of Eden project in some way.
On June 20, we will be taking a team of 6 into the jungle for 2 weeks.  We will be visiting 5 villages, going down the Secure River.  The purpose of the trip is to build relationships with the natives and to disciple those that come to know the Lord.  Pray for our safety and that we can witness effectively to the people.