Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ante not anti

Apparently I cannot spell. 
It is ante natal, not anti natal. We are not against pregnancy. 
Also, ante natal is what Ugandans call prenatal. 
(My phonics failed me. . . )

Medical Clinic at New York School in Lake Victoria


We took a team from UNG to Lake Victoria over the weekend to hold a medical clinic for  the people in the area.

We camped in tents.  I was the camp cook.  I considered it “glamping” because I had a gas stove, a table and water close by!

Also, Pastor Nicholas made a great little hut for taking bucket baths (the hut on the right).  It was great!

Carolynn’s first patient was a boy who had broken his wrist a week ago by falling out of a tree!  

 Unfortunately, at this point, the only thing we could do was splint it.
Kim made a splint out of tongue depressors and duct tape. 

Carolynn and Mendy wrapped it up.

Pastor Nicholas took me to see a mother who had four month old triplets. Incredibly, she did not know she was having triplets until they were born! I can’t imagine how that day went – “Here’s one.  Wait, here is another one!  Wait, wait, one more is coming!”  Their names are Jacob, Joseph and Isaac.

We checked the 40 children that live at the school first.   

They found out that Shane was washing feet so they all started pointing out wounds on their feet and ankles.

On Sunday, Galya taught Sunday School. The team helped her teach the motions of the Bible verse.

Then, we had church. There was much singing and dancing.

Later, Shane shared his testimony and the Gospel.

That afternoon, we saw some about 100 of the local people, adults and children alike.

Shane shared the Gospel with everyone that come in.

While the clinic went on, Galya played games with the children and taught them a Bible story.

Nicholas has rabbits – lots of them.  The babies live in the basin and the mama’s just hop around the place.

Dirty hands – proof I was working hard!

My Granny made these shorts out of t-shirts!

Anti Natal Clinic – Healthy Baby and Mama!

We held an anti natal-clinic at the VOE Medical Center on Friday.  We were planning for about 60 pregnant women.  Over 100 came! The women were taught that their babies were not accidents; God has a plan for everything.  They were also taught how to properly care for their children both before and after birth.


 It was a great day of teaching.

 We had guests from the Bugeri District Ministry of Health come and teach on  healthy practices for pregnant women.


We also had some folks from the UNG nursing program that taught some of the classes.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Home visits

I had the privilege of visiting two homes this morning. 

First was a woman who came to our clinic yesterday. We needed to do some followup. 

It is also the home of our newest resident, Moses. He is coming to live with us tomorrow. 

He is the one in orange. I talked with him and he is excited about living at the VOE. He is also excited about going to school.

We gave the mother some food and did a quick check up. 

Then, we went to see Agalasi, one of our house mothers. She had a stroke during the holidays and has not been able to work. 

It was more of an adventure to get to her house. All our vehicles were busy so we had to go on motorbikes. 

I must say I enjoyed the ride. 

Agalasi is doing much better. She is walking and talking well. She still has some weakness but it is improving. 

Kim checked her out. 

We prayed with her and her family. We also tried to encourage her to get her strength back so she can return to work. 

Then, we got back on the "peke-pekes " and rode back to the village. 

It was great to be able to minister to these two families.