Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Class in Tiraque

We had our health class in Tiraque last Thursday.  It just so happened that it was an Aymara holiday so the kids were all there.  Mary Kate had three classes explaining the importance of washing hands and using shoes.  Then we played games with the kids.  They loved it.

We took along Andres and Josue to help out.  The kids there wanted to know if they spoke Spanish and they were calling them Gringos!!

Here  is Mary Kate giving her Health lesson to the youngest group.

They played tag with amoeba costumes.

 I was bombarded with English questions.They all wanted to know how to say their name in English.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bolivian S'mores and a Mountain Village

Lamb on the side of the road

Last night, Adam, MaryKate and I had a great time burning brush and expired medicines.   We had a great fire with randomly exploding hemmorrhoid cream  tubes and sizzling eye drops.  We built a separate fire and tried roasting some marshmallows to make S'mores.  Well, Bolivian S'mores.  Multicolored marshmallows that only burn - won't brown, knock-off saltine crackers instead of graham crackers and left over from Christmas, imported chocolate Santas.  But, they were delicious!!
"S'mores Bolivian Style"

Adam stirring the fire

Today, we went to the village of Tiraque to re-establish contact with an orphanage up there.  Tiraque is a village located in the mountains about an hour from the Word of Life camp.  We set up a time for next week to return and teach some health classes to the 110 children.

Of the 110, only 30 are true orphans.  The others are there because their parents can't properly take care of them, so they stay there during the week or school year and visit their families during holidays.

Here are some pictures from around Tiraque

Funny story:

I am teaching my puppy to go to the bathroom on command.  So, I take her out on a leash and repeat over and over again "Hace Pis".  (Go Pee).  Well, she still doesn't get it, but my other dog, Oso, who I trained the same way is peeing all over the place!  Every time I say "Hace Pis", he lifts his leg and goes!

Oso and his bone.  Looks like he is smoking a cigar

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Running to the Lab

Yesterday I made a mad dash to the laboratory to get some tests done for a volunteer (who will remain nameless).  We waited for the "sample" to become available.  It happened around 11:30.  So we jumped in the car and went flying to the lab.  Here, they won't take a "sample" if it has been more than 1 hour since it was produced.  So, since we live 45 minutes away, there is a very small window for delivery.

We arrived at 12:25 - five minutes to spare on the time limit and 5 minutes to spare before the lab closes for lunch.  But, we had been given incorrect information - we were told to put both "samples" in one cup - NOT TRUE!  The volunteer had to produce another sample, nice and yellow, but the other was not happening.  So, we had to go eat a nice greasy lunch of fried chicken and french fries to help the second sample along.  Finally, at 3:00 we were back at the lab, waiting on it to re-open.

After all that, the tests were inconclusive. .

Just a little bit of true, everyday Life in Bolivia humor, as gross as it may be. .

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kara, Kara 4th Anniversary and a Fish/Empanada Festival - Wow! What a day!

Today was the church in Kara, Kara, Gracia de Dios' 4th Anniversary.  For those that don't know, this is the church that is in the trash dump.  Helping Hands has been supporting it since it's birth 4 years ago.  Last night and today they had a special service to celebrate.  The place was pack and you can really see how the church is impacting the community.  (Sorry for the poor picture, it is from my cell phone)
Children reciting  a verse
Then, MaryKate, Adam and I walked down the tracks to the 10th annual Empanada and Pescado Feria.  We had an empanada and some fish, listened to some Bolivian music and just hung out.  I bought a 2-liter bottle of pure hone for $5 and some fresh cheese and corn.  Then we walked back down the tracks home.

The fair was in the Bosque Encantada - The Enchanted Forest.

Lunch time - the table cloth was SOOO GROSS.  Fish grease, bones, etc.  They just tried to wipe it off and served us anyway.

Here are some random photos over the past few months.  Adam just told me how to get my cell phone pictures off my phone and on the computer - so simple - just use the cable that came with it. . .

These are my students.  We went to a parade/march for our "Parent" school one day.  We represented Uganda; hence the flag.
These are the cats I bought.  The grey one on the left is dead now.  The black and white one has a fungus and is living with Cyndi, driving her crazy.  I named her K for Killer - I bought her to kill rats.  Cyndi wants to change her name to Demon because she cries all night and sleeps all day - driving Cyndi crazy - why do you think I gave her away?
LLama  - I tried to pet it and it almost spit on me!  They can spit really hard and far.
Oso - my dog.  I took him for a walk on the mountain.  Thinking he would be good company and enjoy it.  He HATES  the mountain.  He walked about 50 yards, then laid down and refused to walk more.  I finally took him home and walked up alone.  He is a GREAT inside, sleeping beside you on the couch dog.

Thanks for reading my rambling.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sports Day and A Few Pictures

We had a sports marathon day on Thursday.    There were over 500 youth from around Cochabamba here on the Word of Life property.  They played soccer and volleyball all day.  I heard that 38 received Christ!  It was a great day of ministry!!

4 Mini Soccer fields and one on the tennis court

Two Beach Volleyball fields

Mid-day Evangelism

Prayer Time before each game

Just a few pictures of my new Labrador puppy, "Shadow" and my "new" house, actually, it is Brenda's house.  I am taking care of it - Rats, mold, flowers and all! (see the preceding blog for details)

3 months old

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

7 year Anniversary with Helping Hands! My how time flies. . .

Here is an update of the happenings for the last few months (for the sake of time, it is in short, fact form):

Personal News:

  • ·         I moved into another house here on the PdV campus.  It belongs to my boss, Brenda.  I am here to help take care of it.
  • ·         My new house has RATS.  They live in the adobe walls and run around at night.  The first week I had nightmares. . .
  • ·         I bought 2 cats for the rats.  One cat died after a week.  The second cat has been given away.  I am not a cat person.
  • ·         I now have a Labrador puppy.  I was told her mama was a good rat hunter.  Her name is Shadow.  She is only 3 months, but I think there is great rat hunting potential.
  • ·         My new house also has mold.  I am allergic to mold.  So, I have not been running because I am afraid of having more lung problems.  I have been in the house for a month and can tell the allergies are not as bad.  So, I have started walking again and we will go from there.
  • ·         Finally, after 7 years of dial-up; I have broad-band internet!!!  I’m so happy!  I can call my parents on Skype every day (if I want)!!!

Ministry News      
  • ·         Tito and Dilma (the tribal family) are doing great studying in the Bible Seminary here at PdV.  They have returned to their village several times and Tito is on fire about sharing the Gospel with his people.
  • ·         Aguila Christian Academy is going great.  We have just started the Winter hours, so we begin classes 30 minutes later because of the cold weather.
  • ·         We went and performed at our accreditation school on Monday of last week for Mother’s Day.  The younger children sang a song and the older ones played “My Heart Will Go On” on their instruments – violin, keyboard, guitar and flute.  They did a great job.
  • ·         I have officially enrolled in Liberty University’s Online Masters program – Masters in Religion.  My classes start on June 25.  This was a decision have been putting off for a long time but I am certain it is God’s leading – I put it off because of the tuition cost – but I know God will provide.
  • ·         We are planning another jungle trip for the first week of July.  The purpose will be to maintain relationships with the people and continue to gain their trust.
  • ·         The short term volunteers I have here now, MaryKate & Adam Osbourne and Cyndi Young are doing a great job working in Kara, Kara.  They are supporting the church.  Also, MaryKate has started a Health Awareness campaign.