Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beautiful Faces

New Trousers!

My Granny and her church, Tallapoosa First Baptist have been working very hard for over a year now making T-shirt shorts for the kids in Bolivia and Uganda.  They are shorts made out of T-shirts.  Re-purposing at it's best!

Yesterday at Esangalo I had the privilege of giving out two pair of these shorts to some little boys.  I spotted them in the crowd of 650 children because they both had shorts that were full of holes and falling apart.  One boy had no "coverage" in front or back.

I walked them into the cottage and pulled off their holey shorts.  They both eagerly stepped into their new "trousers" and began smiling!

Later I found both of them wandering around proudly showing off their new pants.

Thanks Granny!