Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update - Week of March 21

Dilma and the girls

I found out on Sunday that Tito, the husband is out of the hospital and walking around!!!  This is such a miracle!   He was burned over 80% of his body – in the USA, the survival rate is low, here, it is even lower.  The conditions are less than sanitary and the pain management is non-existent. 
Pray that Tito will find the purpose God has for him.   I believe he survived this ordeal for a reason.  They are currently waiting til the first of April to come out here to the Word of Life property and be Evangelism and Discipleship Center students for the year.  They will receive Bible training and personal counseling. (See below for more details) 
Right now, they are living at a church in the city.  Dilma has learned how to use a gas stove and is cooking for the family.  They are getting some much needed together, family time after being seperated for so many months.

Aguila  Christian Academy

School is still going great!!  The kids are still loving it.  English classes are a great blessing for me this year because I have 3 other teachers helping – wonderful.  I had a full conversation with one of my second graders the other day in English!  I was so encouraged. 

Monday was Father’s Day here in Bolivia.  I heard the first graders making a card for their dads in English class.  One of the students kept repeating to the teacher, “My father, no English!  My father, no English!  My father, no English!    The teacher finally reverted to Spanish and explained that it was ok,  he could still read the card.  The student finally calmed down and made the card in English.  So cute. 

My Health

I know many have been praying for me lately because I have been sick.  We have finally figured out the cause of my lung problems.  It is allergy induced asthma.  My doctor has prescribed me an inhaler to use when I exercise and has given me the OK to begin running again.  I am so thankful that we have finally figured it out and it is treatable.  It has been a long 2 months.  Thank you to all that have prayed for me.

Evangelism and Discipleship Center

The 2012 CED will begin on April 3.  Youth from all over Bolivia and a few from Argentina will come to the property and live for a year.  They will take Bible courses all year, go on 3 Evangelistic Tours around Bolivia where thousands will hear the Gospel and they will work in the local churches o f Bolivia.  Pray for these new students as they make this commitment for God during this year.  Pray also for the impact they can make on the people of Bolivia.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back In The Swing of Things – Brief Update

Aguila Christian Academy – Re-runs and Newbies

We started the 2012 year on Monday, March 5.  We have 15 students this year, 13 “re-runs” and 2 “newbies”.  The first week went great.  No big problems or major changes in the schedule.  This is a great thing for me!  This year we have students in Kindergarten up to 10th grade.  The trampoline is still the most popular recess activity – they have daily “talent” contests where you hear ooohhhs and aaahhs all over the property

Dilma and the Girls

Dilma went back to Oromomo for 2 weeks to visit her family.  She is currently living in the city with another missionary couple.  Tito, the husband, is doing much better, he is now able to get around in a wheel-chair.  I think in a few more weeks they will release him from the hospital.

Word of Life Property – A Shrinking Mountain

We are preparing for flooding again!  The lake continues to rise, so they have decided to raise the level of the ground around my apartment, so that as the water table rises, it will not flood.  The idea is to get the ground higher than the water table.  So, they have been building a wall to contain the dirt and then bringing in truck loads of dirt from the mountain.  They are doing this mainly for a family that lives under my terrace.  If the water rises like it did last year, they will have 2 inches of water inside their house. 

Also, imagine having your garage filled with red clay – that is the way my house is – the entrance to my stairs and about 50 yards in both directions is just a huge red clay pile!  I have to mop everyday!  But, I would rather mop than walk through water!!  If you don’t remember the flooding from last year, look back in the March and April blogs for a picture.