Saturday, November 3, 2012

Clausura 2012

Life moves on.

I have been hiding in my "rat cave" all week, trying to let my "body get better" as my mom says.  I finished the antibiotics last night, Friday.  I am planning to go next Friday and get some tests run to see if all the Typhoid is gone.  Dr. Mauricio says I should wait that long for the antibiotics to be out of my system, thus giving me a true reading of things.

I did leave the house to go to the Aquila Christian Academy Clausura 2012  - end of the school year party.  We had several presentations and special songs from the kids.  They were very excited to be ending another year, but I think the teachers were even more excited!!

We will continue during the month of November to have a "Club" for the kids three hours a day.  They will come and play games, practice their handwriting and do more hands-on activities.  This is because of two things:  1)  the parents don't know what to do with their kids for the entire 4 month break 2)  we don't want them to forget everything they have learned.  So, we are compromising between the parents wanting to extend the school year and the teachers and students wanting to end the year - Club it is!!