Friday, January 10, 2014

Challenges Pastors of Uganda Face

We had a meeting with some church pastors from the area surrounding the Village of Eden.  We wanted to first, let them know we are not trying to "steal" their members and secondly, to see how we could work together to further the Kingdom of God.

Brenda asked the question:  What are some challenges, you as pastors face?

Here are some answers:

1. Lack of enough knowledge in spiritual issues

2.  Poverty - most of the pastors are very poor, they don't have time for prayer, most of the time is used looking for food - no time to read the Bible, so it makes us unprepared to go to the church and teach

3.  Sometimes we fail to understand our calling and vision - we just work within the church and we do not go outside  - our vision is just rotating inside the church

4.  We want younger children to be uplifted to become leaders of tomorrow, but we don't have the materials to help us

5.  Some of the church pastors are back-biting, not respecting one another.

6.  If I want to go outside my community, how am I going to get there?  The challenge is how am I going to arrive.

Thought these were interesting.  The Village of Eden is going to help to train them, addressing the first point made and we can help with materials, but what do you do about poverty, failure to understand the calling and back-biting?