Monday, February 21, 2011

Riverbend Mission Team

Riverbend Baptist Church joined us during the 3rd week of camp.  In addition to helping in camp, the team also helped with:
 - a medical clinic in Kara, Kara, the garbage dump
 - visiting a nursing home in Cochabamba
 - visiting and helping start a water balloon fight at a local boys orphange
 - completing an on-campus work project (filling in a dangerous hole beside the railroad tracks)
 - taking the PdV and HHFM missionary teams out to a great steak dinner

Thanks Riverbend, it was a great blessing to work with you!
The PdV, HHFM, and Riverbend Teams in Prayer Garden
Campers, Campers Everywhere!!!
Camp Sports - The Most Popular - Soccer!
Camp Counseling Time

January in Review

January is always camp time here in Bolivia.  This year was no different.  We had over 2,300 youth and children come to camp this year over a four week period!!!
While the campers are here, they play sports, go to Bible studies, have one-on-one counseling and generally have a great time.  But, most importantly, they hear the Gospel, that God loves them and died for them.
It was such a blessing to be able to have a small part in this great ministry.  My official job was Camp Photographer, however, I was able to do a lot more than just take pictures, most days finishing exhausted and satisfied from a day well spent serving the Lord.
Another great thing about this year's camp is that my mom was here with me for the whole month of camp.  She was able to see first hand how the PdV staff work and organize such a great camp experience.  I also really enjoyed getting to spend time with her and share in the ministry.