Saturday, January 24, 2015

Leadership and Team Work

We have a great group of Esangalo helpers!
They are the kids that will one day be the Esangalo leaders.  This past Thursday and Friday, we had a training seminar just for them.
We discussed topics like team work, leadership and the importance of a personal Quiet Time.


Come along and see what they did!


Me, Doreen and Brenda

Name Tags - there were 35 students in all

Praise and Worship 

Workshops on leadership, responsibility and quiet time

Small group discussion - "What does it mean to be a leader?"

"Why do you serve God?  What is your motivation?"

Of course, breakfast and lunch!

Afternoon team building games

"Don't Touch"

Trust fall

There she goes!  Trust!

Trying to get everyone on the team through the net - without touching the string or repeating a hole

Me and John

Skits - What is your offering to God?

Alloys and some of the boys

"We are a team."  

Jumping the great pit - later they decided they should work together, as a team, so that everyone could cross the pit.

"One, two, three, step"

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Summer Vacation

Our kids are on what Americans would call summer vacation.  But, they don't have television, internet, ipods, ipads, or video games.  

So what do they do? 


They make hats out of mango leaves.

They make mud swimming pools.

And then, just play in the mud.

They dig holes and gather rocks to play amakora, similar to mancala.  

They build doll houses out of cardboard.

They have tea parties.

They play the drums (a lot).

They play volleyball, and soccer and tag and hide 'n seek.

They dig more swimming pools (I think we need a real one. . . ).

In short, they just have fun!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Teacher Interviews - Rome, strikes and southern accents

I just sat through 4 hours of teacher interviews!

The good news, we found four really potential people – Christians, educated and good attitudes.

The funny (because you know that is where I am going with this post. . . )

One person, when asked to share their testimony basically said this:  I was born Muslim.  But after I finished my teacher education I decided to be a born again because “When you go to Rome, do as the Romans.”  (Translation:  I was born Muslim, but I found out it is easier to get a job if I am a Born Again, so. . . here I am.)

We had a panel of three doing the interviews, myself and two social workers.  One asked religious questions, one asked teaching questions and then I asked a mixture of the two topics. The funny thing was that almost every time I asked a question, the applicant would look to the social workers for translation.  They would repeat my EXACT words, in English.  The applicant would then respond.  My southern accent!

Another interesting/funny response. The question was “Why is it important to have a scheme of work?”  The applicant responded that teaching without a scheme of work is like a driver who is driving without a permit.  If there is an accident, they will blame the drive that doesn’t have the permit. (Not real sure how that relates. . . )

One question on of the social workers kept asking was how the teacher would react to hearing news that the students were preparing a strike.  My thought every time was “Does that happen often?  Should I expect my students to strike?  What would they strike about?”  I never did ask the probability of a student led strike in the school.