Tuesday, September 6, 2016

7 in 7!

7 different places in 7 nights! 

In August, I traveled to Bolivia to speak at a Missions Conference in Cochabamba.  It was great!

On Saturday night, Juan invited Brenda and I to share about the work being done in Uganda.  There were over 2,000 people there!

Brenda did an introduction and then I shared about the overall ministry as a video played.  Then Brenda shared about the Nutrition program specifically.

It was a great time.  So many people were interested in the ministry and showed interest in going for both short and long term missions to Uganda!

Then, I flew back to Uganda.

Start the count:
1.  Cochabamba (Wednesday)
2.  Somewhere over the ocean between Brazil and South Africa, in an airplane (Thursday)
3.  Entebbe hotel (Friday)

Stop.  In the Entebbe hotel on Friday night, I talked to mom who told me they had called in Hospice for my grandfather.  I traveled to the VOE (7 hours because of traffic), planning to travel to America on Tuesday.  


4.  VOE (Saturday)

I skipped church on Sunday morning and worked, trying to get some team planning done before I left on Tuesday.  I still didn't have a ticket, but the travel agent was working for a Tuesday night flight.

After lunch with the missionary staff, I laid down to rest - Exhaustion is not even strong enough to describe how I felt.  Then, my phone rang.  The travel agent could only get me a flight for the next morning at 3:55 AM!  I had to leave right then!

I hired a car that drove me back to the airport (5 hours).  I spent the night in the airport, struggling to stay away.

5.  Entebbe airport  (Sunday)

I flew to Turkey and then to Atlanta.  Kim Smith picked me up and took me to Gainesville.

6.  Gainesville home (Monday)

Pawpaw died that same night, at 2:30 AM.  Granny says he was waiting for me to get home!  I am glad I could be here with family.  My Pawpaw was so supportive of me - he worried all the time about me but he supported me and was proud just the same.  I will miss him so much.

We drove to Buchanan on Tuesday.

7.  Buchanan, Grandparents home (Tuesday)

We had Pawpaw's funeral on Thursday afternoon.  Mom and I returned to Gainesville late that evening.

I told Mom that I felt like there was fog over me for a long time.  I would wake up and wonder "Where am I?"    And to be honest, the reality that Pawpaw has died has not really sunk in yet.  I am just now catching up on my rest and have my mind working again.  All that travel will exhaust you!

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