Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dine - In Church Service

One thing that I still struggle with in Uganda are the “Dine-In” Church Services.

The hosting church wants to honor us. There are two ways that they like to do that:  Put us in front of everyone and feed us.

I have almost gotten used to siting in front of everyone, facing the audience, while the preacher is preaching.

I am still struggling with the food part.  

Not because it is bad food!  It is usually delicious. 

The problem is that we are served during the singing or sermon, while we are sitting in front of everyone, and we are expected to eat while the service goes on and the people are watching!

It is awkward.

People are watching to see that you eat everything. They are watching to see if you react negatively to something you taste.  They are watching.

Did I mention that it is awkward?

I am sure not sure how to handle it.  So, I put my head down, grab a boiled egg and start peeling!  (I throw the shell over my shoulder.)  Then, peel that banana and enjoy!

2 bananas, 2 boiled eggs, roasted peanuts and warm soda

I just remind myself that it is an honor.  Truly.

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